CEO & Executive Coaching

Why have a CEO & Executive Coach?

Many successful businesspeople have colleagues with whom they can discuss certain concerns. But with whom can they have a completely and impartial conversation, and be 100% sure that it will remain confidential? Certainly not with a direct report; it would be inappropriate.  Neither are such discussions always possible with their manager particularly if, in the process, they risk exposing their own vulnerabilities, such as doubts about decisions they have made.

So how can you overcome this potential isolation?  By working with a coach—with whom you can talk about anything, in complete confidence.


Why choose aventura3 as your coach?

aventura3′s principal coach is Heather Linaker.  She partners CEOs and executives in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors with a view to maximising their impact and constantly renewing both themselves and their organisations in the ever-evolving work environment.  She recognises that senior roles frequently bring feelings of isolation and so she is variously their supporter, sounding board, confidante, cheerleader and challenger.

Heather combines her powerful coaching skills with her background as a CEO and executive to create a compelling connection with her clients based on shared experiences and understandings.

Her coaching style is based on trust, insightful questioning, attentive listening, and intuition to increase the self-awareness of her clients, and to encourage their self-reflection between coaching sessions.

Heather’s areas of specialisation include:

  • leading with authenticity and compassion
  • transitioning to a different and/or more senior role
  • building global, national and local networks
  • establishing effective communications across cultural differences
  • managing upwards
  • leading teams and projects as a non-subject matter expert
  • succeeding as a female leader of a predominantly male team
  • achieving a sustainable balance of personal and professional priorities.


How does aventura3 run sessions?

Face-to-face, via Skype or over the telephone, whichever is best for you: aventura3 is totally flexible.