Paul & Gabrielle Quilliam, Co-Founders, Queensland Kids
As a couple who live and work together, the benefits of coaching sessions with Heather have continued to develop us as individuals, as partners and as co-founders of our organisation.
Heather has expertly built a platform within the coaching process upon which we can present issues or ideas for discussion in a very safe context.
Our organisation’s mission uses the acronym CURE: to Connect, Understand, Respond and Engage. Heather’s coaching methods resonate with us as she truly connects and understands us prior to strategic response which triggers engagement and growth on a personal and professional level. We could not recommend Heather more highly.

Dylys Bertelsen, CEO, Windsor Recruitment
Heather Linaker brings a little bit of magic into every session I spend with her as my CEO coach.
Responding to her easy manner and soft clever questions, I invariably find myself baring my soul – and feeling really comfortable doing it. Unloading my issues is not a part of the coolly composed day-to-day me. Yet, I come away from Heather refreshed and re-purposed – each time wondering how she beguiled me into being so uncharacteristically frank and confiding.
In part, it’s a measure of trust. I know I can talk confidentially about anything with Heather and she won’t pass judgement or cause me to feel silly or inferior. But it’s also her superb skills as a coach and confidante that encourages me to want to unload all the baggage that’s weighing me down. And, makes me feel so darned good when I have.
But of course, Heather is far more than a sounding board. She listens and gently coaxes me to dig deep and uncover things I probably always knew but had never brought into the light. Heather helps bring clarity to the most confusing aspects of my life as a CEO.

Deanne Hawkswood, Chief Procurement Officer, Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads
Moving into a new executive level role, I realised that I needed the guidance of an executive coach—and started working with Heather. This was the first time I had worked with an executive coach and, from the start, we had a good connection and I knew that Heather was going to be able to help and guide me.
There were a number of things that I was working through being a newbie executive in a newly-created role driving a significant change agenda. My sessions with Heather were a safe place where I could express my uncertainties and concerns. And whilst I kept hoping that Heather would just give me the answers, she adeptly guided me to form my own solutions and helped with strategies and tactics (even when I really didn’t want to do something!)
Over the past few months there have been some very challenging situations I found myself in, and the confidence and skills I have gained through working with Heather have really made a big difference for me.

CEO, Not-For-Profit, Brisbane
After many successful years in senior management roles, respected by colleagues, and mentoring and leading staff, I found myself in a black hole. My relationship with my senior management team deteriorated to a point where I was isolated and bullied at meetings and I allowed my CEO role to be eroded.
Heather has been the lifeline I needed. She has provided the necessary support, wisdom and direction that has allowed me to climb out of that black hole and regain the focus required from a CEO in a very challenging work environment.
I can only say thank you for saving my professional life. While I initially thought a coach was a luxury, I now realise it is essential for all of us in senior management roles.

Melissa Pryor, Former Chief Executive Officer, Arthritis Queensland
Heather, thank you. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be coached by you.  This scheduled time spent with you has enabled me to remove myself from the turbulence of the day-to-day and re-focus on the real priorities ie what I want to achieve in the short and medium term, both from a professional and personal perspective.
When our coaching relationship began there were some challenging circumstances I needed to navigate at work.  Being confident that everything I say is kept strictly confidential has allowed me to work my way through these challenges, guided by your always well-timed and thought-provoking questions encouraging me to expand my thinking. As my objective sounding board you have helped facilitate the process of me making real progress. Thank you!

Tony Smith, Director, Patron Services, Queensland Performing Arts Centre
It is with great pleasure that I have worked with Heather as my Coach over the past 8 months. During this time Heather has been instrumental in my growth as an Executive Director, helping me with Board preparation and also the myriad of challenges faced in being part of an executive in a large organisation.  Prior to working with Heather I, like many executives, needed a level of support to help with clarity and understanding of managing large teams of personnel, and Heather has been my guiding light. I thoroughly recommend Heather to anyone wanting to grow on all levels and welcome the outstanding contribution Heather has made to my business life. Brilliant!

Sharyn Schooth, Group Manager Human Resources, Queensland, Veolia Environmental Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
Heather was my coach to assist with my transition from Senior HR Advisor to a State HR Manager in a global blue collar company. I was promoted during a very difficult period within the company when there was a high amount of turnover, large volume of pressure on the business from clients and ongoing EBA (enterprise bargaining agreement) negotiations. I also had to establish a whole new team.
I felt I had the relevant HR experience and knowledge to conduct the role, yet was concerned about making the transition to manager to support a team to achieve the tasks, and to ensure the team effectively met the expectations of our key internal stakeholders. Heather’s coaching helped me to step through the process of taking on this new role, setting up a new team and understanding my customers’ expectations.
I was really comfortable bringing a range of problems to the table, no matter how confidential, and brainstorming with Heather possible solutions to resolve the problems. No matter how trivial or personal they were, I felt Heather was a great listener and helped me to break down each situation and look at all the options.
Personally I have noticed a huge change in my management skills and even my personal skills in dealing with stressful and difficult situations. In addition, I have received some fantastic feedback from others within the business at how they appreciate my management style, that I am more approachable then they expected I would be, and they value the support I encourage my team to provide.

Ray Weekes, Chairman of The CEO Institute in Queensland, former CEO of Castlemaine Perkins Ltd and former CEO and Executive Director of Rothmans Holdings Ltd
As a leading CEO & Executive Coach Specialist, Heather exhibits a high level of professionalism and commitment in each of her coaching roles. Heather’s coaching addresses the isolation of our CEO/executive role by being a supporter and confidante and by offering non-judgmental and objective feedback. Her coaching is results oriented, has a true clarity of purpose and drives a range of significant leadership and other development benefits for the CEO or executive.